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How to deal with file corruption?

Created on 24 January, 2023 • 4,253 views • 2 minutes read

After the encrypted file is damaged, it usually cannot be decrypted normally, and if the decrypted file is damaged, it may not w

After the encrypted file is damaged, it usually cannot be decrypted normally, and if the decrypted file is damaged, it may not work normally. The following are common causes of file corruption:

artificially changing the problem

Any changes made to the file content (including comments) can corrupt the file, and it is not always possible to fully restore the change by going back or using the editor's undo function. If the editor does not use the correct encoding to open the file, making changes to the file will certainly cause irreversible damage. When an encrypted file is running, it usually needs to read data from a fixed offset. After the change, the read data changes, causing the file to stop working and cannot be decrypted.

editor problem

When opening a file, some editors directly adjust line breaks, add and remove BOM headers, etc. to modify the file content without any prompt information, causing file corruption. The editor may perform the above operations even if the file is not actively modified after opening.

FTP software problem

Almost all FTP software uses text mode to transfer php files by default, text mode will cause data transfer errors and file damage. If you are using FTP type software to transfer files, please use binary mode, or compress and package them before transferring, or use other methods such as remote desktop to transfer files.

file may not be useful

The file you want to decrypt is probably a useless file that exists only to cause some confusion and trouble for you and me. If after deleting the file, the program still works normally, it can prove that the file has no effect on the whole program. Some source code has been handed over by too many people, and some useless files are often left behind after many modifications, and some people even deliberately put some useless corrupt files as a means of preventing debugging and cracking. Files that do not affect the normal use of the program after deletion can be completely ignored, and there is no need to compare them with a useless file, it is a waste of time to investigate them.

Can they be fixed?

Repairing damaged files requires a lot of manpower and most users do not want to bear the cost. In most cases, it is much easier to find the original undamaged file than to repair a damaged file. In fact, I have never been and will never be interested in doing such nonsense.

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