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What is PHP SourceGuardian Encoder?

SourceGuardian 11.4 is the most advanced PHP Encoder on the market, complete with a ground-up rewrite, a powerful GUI and protection covering the latest version of PHP. You can encode your scripts using Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, all with a powerful GUI or using a command line interface.

With the İoncube Decoder Encoder, you can…

Use a dedicated algorithm for each source. Protect PHP scripts with compiled bytecode for best performance and protection. Produce encoded PHP files to run on PHP 7.4 and earlier. Use PHP language features up to PHP 7.2.

Decode ionCube file types

Sure, you are familiar with ionCube Loader encoding, which has a high security for decoding, but in Decodez you can get all types of files 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 open source.


İoncube Decoder Discount

Skype Adress: ioncubedecoder1@gmail.com Please Send Your Files To Us Before Buying You Can Start Solving Your İoncube Encrypted Files Immediately With Discounted Prices. Remember! You are on the World's # 1 Decoder Site ..