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Decryption Quality Commitment

Created on 24 January, 2023 • 4,165 views • 2 minutes read

Since the code is encrypted, it is inherently not publicly available and the correctness and integrity of the decryption cannot

Is it correct and complete after decryption?

Since the code is encrypted, it is naturally not publicly available and the accuracy and completeness of the decryption cannot be verified by a simple and effective method of comparing the original code. Even if the decryption is complete and correct, it may not be exactly what you expected and you may disagree with it, and in the end you often disagree.

The program is ultimately used and it is pointless to blindly explore its integrity. We bypass this problem and make a direct promise in terms of the program being executable and readable so that after decryption you can work as you did before decryption while preserving its readability as much as possible.

Can it work normally after decryption?

If the replacement of the original encrypted file does not work after decryption, free manual operation is provided. Please note, however, that there are cases when the decryption is correct but cannot be executed. In such cases, we will only inform you about the specific reasons.

Authorization problems are the most common. In a few cases, the program detects authorization-related code, file size, md5 value, etc. After decryption, the authorization code detects that the file has changed and warns of unauthorized or damaged file or exits without asking any questions. This kind of situation is not a decryption error and the program is still running normally, but due to the change of the objective environment the result is inconsistent with the result running in the encrypted state, which is an inevitable consequence when decryption is correct.

In a few cases, the decrypted file cannot be mixed with the encrypted file, some are restricted by the encryption policy and some are actively restricted by the encryption. In this case, if you decrypt only part of the encrypted file, there is no guarantee that the original file will function normally after decryption.

Is the decrypted code readable?

Readability cannot be measured and different people may have different opinions. The website supports free testing. Please judge for yourself based on some of the tested code.

Variable names, function names, class names, etc. (hereinafter referred to as symbol names), etc. in the code. . In case of symbolic name obfuscation, it is promised that it will be committed to an executable state and will not affect the reading of unobfuscated parts of the code.

A small number of encrypted files can be encrypted multiple times and the code can still be encrypted after it has been decrypted once. If you have paid for decryption once and still need to decrypt, we reserve the right to charge again according to the specific circumstances.

Problems not caused by decryption

If there is a problem in the following cases, the service is not covered and you need to set it yourself.

The encrypted files cannot be run normally before decryption.

Use different operating systems before and after decryption

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